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The book "Dimore di Lago" - Residences of the Lake Maggiore

Libro Dimore di Lago - Parchi, Castelli e Personaggi del Lago Maggiore

Dimore di Lago - Residences of the Lake

Publishing house Scenari s.r.l. has published the new edition of “Dimore di Lago” from 1999, which has been sold out for years. After repeated requests from passionate readers, villa owners, architects and real estate agents the new edition is finally a reality, with undated texts and images, large hardcover format (24 x 34 cm), 5 color prints and more than color pages 600.

We were welcomed into 170 residences, to tell the reader about the anecdotes and unique architecture, which we have now revisited with added notes and photos.

This prestigious edition presents Lake Maggiore, the Risorgimento characters and the celebrated architects (from Sommaruga to Boffi, from Vietti to Aldo Rossi, from Bissattini to Prini) in their work and in their homes.

The itinerary starts from the Castello Dal Pozzo d’Annone in Oleggio stretching all the way to the villas in Cannobio, following the coastline of the lake. From the Massino Visconti Castle and the Antico Maniero in Lesa to the Villa Giulia in Pallanza, from the Liberty architecture of Villa Carosio to the Neuchatel style of the Villa Trentinaglia De Daverio.

170 homes seen through vintage photos, new photos and aerial shots, projects, old newspaper articles, interviews, memories (from architect turned fashion designer Gianfranco Ferré who loved Stresa, to architect Aldo Rossi and the Mondadori family). An event for our region, an enthusiastic book to flip though, not to be forgotten on a bookshelf.

An indispensable volume for the lovers of Lake Maggiore, about the historical occurrences of the Verbano, of the parks and the characters, offered in a limited edition with an exclusive gift box.

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