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Lake Maggiore
The world’s first open-air
Museum on water
Architecture tours on Water
Exploring Excellence

“Architectonic visions by boat between singular geometries”
The first “Architectural tours on water” initiative in Italy,
expanding the area of digital and technological culture
with the support of audio guides in various languages.

The project is part of a new concept:
“Architecture tours on water”, under development on the pre-alpine lakes.

The “pilot project” has been realized for the towns of Stresa, Baveno and Verbania on Lake Maggiore.

We are in one of the places the New York Times has defined as one of the most fascinating in the world.

Professional training credits will be issued to professionals in the field (architects).
Furthermore, with the collaboration of teachers it is possible to organize teaching excursions
for Architecture students at the Polytechnic Universities of Turin and Milan
as well as for Art Institutes and Surveyors.

A collaboration is also underway with important companies in the field of architecture and design, with planned visits to plants as well as to one of the oldest distilleries in Italy.

Moreover, the project is destined for cultural tourism thanks to heritage sites realized by the greatest architects of the 19th and 20th Centuries.    

The tour invites the tourist to observe the architectural heritage on the shores of the lake from the boat in a relatively short amount of time. This also contributes to raise a historical interest with anecdotes on the Italian Risorgimento and the important men and women who frequented these towns.  

The purpose of the project is to understand what has been conceived in these places; creations that have later reached every corner of the world.

«A journey into the Remembering of Men who, through their Works, help us to remember that the beauty of the Stone harmoniously molded between Nature belongs to the Culture and to the History of each of Us.
Works of Art that in the Silence of the centuries elevate us among the most true and authentic emotions ».

Valentina Lambri Nanut


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From April to October
for tourists.
From January to December
for schools, universities
and companies.

INFO: Sapori d'Italia +39 0323 31598
Phone  +39 335 823 6833
Phone  +39 340 590 1640
Sapori d'Italia S.r.l.
Street De Martini, 35
28838 Stresa (VB)
Lake Maggiore - Italy
VAT  IT 02319540031

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