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Made in Italy

Made in Italy
From here to whole world

There are some objects that throughout the decades have become iconic, especially in the era following the second world war. They have made an impression on our collective imagination and dwelling on their importance is superfluous. We use them every day, often without paying them any attention at all, they are a part of out routine.
They are objects created by the Italian industry which have made our country known all over the world.

But the “Made in Italy” phenomenon also includes pasta, pizza, cheese… the Ferrari, the Vespa, celebrated liqueurs… design objects created by companies like Alessi, Bialetti, Lagostina… which can all be found in the Verbano-Cusio-Ossola province.

Still in our region, the dream of a noble family, the Borromeo, has created a perfect symbiosis between Lake Maggiore, the islands, the settlements and the towns. The world’s second largest colossus can be seen in Arona, the marble of the Milan cathedral has been extracted for over seven hundred years in Candoglia in the Ossola Valley… and the list goes on.

The steam engine wasn’t invented by the English but the origins can be traced back to a member of the Branca family from Cannobio.

And lastly the music, the wind instruments built in Quarna, the dance, the ballet, the historical events of a country that has always been a land of conquest but also of innovation… the first banks, the ingenious entrepreneurs etc..

  • Tra i simboli del Made in Italy, la Cinquecento Fiat

  • L'Aida di Verdi...e il Teatro a la Scala di Milano

  • Il balletto, con esponenti di spicco a livello mondiale

  • La Ferrari e il mito dei motori


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